Out of State Deer Processing…

We are currently not allowed (due to state law) to receive deer from out of state UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN QUARTERED. For more information please visit the states website. The State Game wardens will be monitoring this. We are hoping to help you...

All of our cuts are vacuum packaged.

Beef Processing

  • $75 Kill and Disposal Fee
  • $0.75/lb Processing on the Hanging Weight
  • $5 per Day for Aging Time Beyond 14 Days

Pork Processing

  • $45 Kill and Disposal Fee
  • $0.75/lb Processing on the Hanging Weight 
  • $0.90/lb for Curing and Smoking
  • $1.75/lb for Nitrite-free Curing and Smoking
  • $0.45/lb Mild, Medium, or Hot Breakfast Sausage
  • $0.15/lb extra for Flavored Bacon ( Apple-Cinnamon, Peppered)
  • $2.00/lb Smoked Sausage (all flavors except Jalapèno-Cheddar)
  • $2.75/lb Jalapèno-Cheddar Smoked Sausage

Lamb and Goat

  • $75 Flat Fee

Deer Processing

  • $10 Skinning 
  • $1.00/lb Processing Carcass Deer  $90 minimum
  • $1.25/lb Quartered Deer
  • $1.85   Breakfast Sausage 1# pkgs (includes pork)
  • Bacon-wrapped backstrap 
  • $3.25/lb Jalapèno-Cheddar Smoked Sausage (includes pork)
  • $2.75/lb  Hot Links, German Smoked sausage, Brats, Hot Garlic, Polish sausage,   Italian,  (includes pork)
  • $2.80/lb Summer Sausage (includes pork)
  • $3.25/lb Jalapèno-Cheddar Summer Sausage (includes pork) 
  • $10.50/lb  Jerky – Whole muscle – made from hind qtr. You will have to give up the hindquarter steaks.
  • $8.75/lb Snack Sticks
  • Beef or Pork Fat may be Added at $1.50/lb

            prices on all specialty products are charged on finished weight.