Fresh Meats

Visit our Fresh Meat Counter – Where Fresh is Fresh. We’ll cut steaks to order while you wait. We also carry a full line of retail meats, fresh and frozen.  And can make those hard to find items, like Pork Crown Roasts, and our specialty— Pork Pinwheels!


A treat to have at Holiday — or anytime!

We start with a fresh ham, carefully hand trim all the fat and skin, and cure it using our own special blend of cure and spices.  After curing, Hams spend 12 hours in our smoke house until they are fully cooked.  The cooled hams are vacuum packed to preserve all the natural juices.

Since these hams are not “water added” care must be taken when warming, so the ham does not dry out.  We recommend heating at 300º for 15 minutes per lb.

BONE IN HAM 1996 Grand Champion OTMPA 1999 Champion TAMP 2004 Grand Champion TAMP                                                                        2011 Grand Champion OTMPA 2013 Champion OTMPA 2014 Reserve Grand Champion OTMPA


1996 Grand Champion OTMPA, 1997  Champion OTMPA 1998 Reserve Grand Champion OTMPA 2006 Grand Champion OTMPA 2011 Reserve Grand Champion OTMPA 2013 Grand Champion OTMPA

Fish Market

We carry U.S. Farm Raised Catfish and Gulf Shrimp.

We  have Catfish Fillets, Hush puppies, French fries, Cooking Oil and Tomato Relish.  Make Us your one stop Fishing Shop, for all your Fish Frying needs.

Also Check out our selection of breaded shrimp and frog legs.

Deli Meats

We carry a variety of deli meats, including Old fashioned bologna, and Salami that we make here in our sausage kitchen.


We use a brown sugar based cure, followed by 6 hours in the smoke house.  All of the bacon that we produce is nitrate-free.

We offer the following….


  • Beef Bacon
  • Peppered Beef Bacon
  • New!! Apple Cinnamon Bacon!   2014 Grand Champion!



1999 Grand Champion  TAMP 2014 Champion OTMPA 2014 Grand Champion Specialty Bacon

Be Sure to Try Our Sausage!

Fresh Sausages

        • Regular
        • Hot
        • Hickory Smoke
        • All-Beef
        • Southwest Green Chilie

2012 Champion TAMP 2013 Champion OTMPA

          • Hickory Smoke Fresh link
          • Fresh Bratwurst

Smoked Sausages

              • Polish
              • Andouille
              • All Beef
              • Hot Garlic
              • Italian Sausage
              • Chorizo
              • Southern Style German Smoked Sausage
              • Habanero Ranch Chicken Sausage

Jalapeño & Cheese 1997 Grand Champion TAMP 1999 Reserve Grand Champion TAMP 2004 Grand Champion TAMP

Hot Links

1996 Champion OTMPA 2001 Grand Champion OTMPA 2004 Champion TAMP 2006 Grand Champion OTMPA 2011 Grand Champion OTMPA

Hot-Hot Links Youre sure to love those hot links!

Summer Sausage

All Beef 1996 Champion OTMPA 1997 Grand Champion TAMP 1997 Champion OTMPA 1998 Grand Champion OTMPA 1999 Champion TAMP 2004 Grand Champion TAMP 2009 Champion OTMPA 2013 Reserve Grand Champion

Beef Jalapeño & Cheese 1999 Reserve Grand Champion TAMP 2004 Champion TAMP

Venison 2004 Reserve Grand Champion TAMP

Venison Jalapeño & Cheese


Buffalo Jalapeño & Cheese

Smoked Meats

Detroit Processing has custom smoking and smoked meats available for those times when you just don’t feel like cooking.  We have smoked brisket, which was the 1998  and 2014 Champion BBQ Beef at Stillwater, OK. available sliced or whole.

We smoke Turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas, So bring one for us to smoke or buy one that we have already smoked.

2011 Grand Champion Smoked Turkey TAMP

Chicken Products

Detroit Processing is an authorized distributor for Pilgrims Pride.  We have a full line of chicken products, including:

Hot wings, Blazin’ Wings, Marinated Chicken Breasts, Breaded Chicken Breasts, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, Chicken Breast Strips, Chicken Tenders, and much more.

We also carry  Grandma Nellies Chicken – a free range, all natural, hormone free, hand processed chicken.

Come by and give us a try. You’ll love what you find!

Snack Items Jerky and Beef Snacks

Our Prize winning Jerky is………..the best!

Peppered Jerky 1997 Grand Champion OTMPA 1997 Grand Champion TAMP 2001 Grand Champion OTMPA 2001 Reserve Grand Champion OTMPA 2002 Champion OTMPA 2004 Reserve Grand Champion OTMPA 2006 Champion OTMPA 2006 Reserve Grand Champion TAMP


Colorado Spicy 

Snack Sticks available in

                • Smoky Snak Stik  (Beef, Venison, Buffalo)
                • BBQ
                • Colorado

Beef Snack Stick 2011 Reserve Grand Champion OTMPA

Restructured 1998 Grand Champion OTMPA 1998 Champion AAMP  Minneapolis, MN  –We no longer manufacture this product.


That Guy’s Coffee How ’bout a nice cup of That Guy’s Coffee to go with your meal! Look for it in our store.